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Surprising the Troops

The current President? No, he has better things to do… like playing golf and thinking up more ways to stimulate the economy. Maybe he should just play more golf!

Anyway, W surprised some troops coming home or passing through DFW. I didn’t agree with all Bush’s policies (seriously, who did?), but this is a class act, and a good reminder of what a  patriot President Bush was. (And will these be seen outside Facebook and random blogs like this? Doubtful.)

Facebook | USO Dallas/Fort Worth’s Photos – President Bush surprises the troops

The Closing of Gitmo

In one of his first acts as president, Obama has signed an executive order closing the prison at Guatanamo Bay within a year. And now the question everyone on the Right has been asking (for a while): Where will the prisoners go? Well — to their own countries probably. Or here, to await federal trial (sigh). Maybe they will all go to  live with John Murtha — to stimulate western Pennsylvania(??).  And how.

Liberals (such as, say, Andrew Sullivan) argue that closing Gitmo and the secret CIA prisons, and banning “harsh interrogation technigues”, is necessary because they symbolize torture. From the AP:

Obama said he was signaling that the U.S. would confront global violence without sacrificing “our values and our ideals.”

How long will we have values and ideals if we are not willing to make tough decisions to get information from terrorists to prevent the slaughter of innocents?

It’s hard to say this, because we are all human, and we do not want to have to interrogate ANYONE harshly, and the thought is more than distressing. But we did NOT choose this war. We did NOT. The thought of another 9/11 is more distressing than the idea that someone caught as an ILLEGAL combatant in Afghanistan or Iraq might think he’s drowning, or might not have habeas corpus, or might have to stand for 4 hours.

Israel and Gaza

The Gaza invasion is over and under any objective evaluation, Israel has been victorious. Luckily for Hamas, the international news media hasn’t been objective for a long time…

The BBC takes Hamas’ word for it:

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, declared a ceasefire after Israel called off its three-week offensive.

The group has claimed victory in the confrontation, saying it stopped Israel achieving its aims.

The very next sentence in this article should be, “such claims are ludicrous on their face with Gaza in ruins and Israeli farmers harvesting melons just across the border.” Alas, it is not. The BBC allows Hamas’ absentee leader to pontificate for the rest of the article in direct and indirect quotes before finally noting that Israel also “claims” victory.

Look at the simply ridiculous formulation they use in the first sentence quoted above; Hamas declared a cease-fire after Israel called off its invasion. The Carthaginians just announced a ceasefire in their conflict with Rome as well. Hamas got crushed, end of story.

The only place that the terrorists can really win is in the editorial board-rooms of the western media. And so their “leader” holds a press conference in Damascus and the BBC loyally reports their “claims” and simply founders when attempting to find an objective measure whereby to judge the respective claims of the Israelis and Hamas.

Here’s a hint. The guy cowering in Damascus while his country is in tatters is not the winner.

Meanwhile, Hamas has returned to its beneficent rule in Gaza:

Nineteen Palestinians were murdered in cold blood by Hamas, Habbash said, while more than 60 others were shot in the legs.

Ihab Ghissin, spokesman for the Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza, confirmed that his men had arrested scores of “collaborators” with Israel during and after the war.

They are cutting the eyes out of Palestinians they accuse of being collaborators. No trials, no Geneva Conventions, and no condemnations by the UN or the ACLU.

So that’s the short side. The Western Media continues to work for the West’s enemies and that’s that. But what will be the long term effect of Operation Cast Lead on Israel’s security going forward?

Israel’s government says they have struck a huge blow against Hamas and re-established the deterrent value of Israeli arms. How large the blow against Hamas truly is will depend greatly upon what can be done to stop them from re-arming themselves. Right now Israel is negotiating with Egypt and the EU on what to do about the border, but the smuggling tunnels have reportedly re-opened.

As for deterrence, who or what is Israel trying to deter? The thugs in Damascus and Tehran don’t care about the people in Gaza. So no matter how many of them are killed and no matter how many buildings are destroyed, the terror-masters in far-away lands aren’t going to be deterred.

The commanders on the ground, in Gaza may be concerned. There were reports last week that although Damascus was talking tough, the Hamas leaders in Gaza were willing to discuss a ceasefire. If that wedge can be widened, if the people of Gaza can be convinced to drop this futile war with Israel, than something might be accomplished, some deterrence might be generated.

But those same men cutting out eyes and crippling fellow Palestinians right now are going to be shooting rockets back into Israel at their first opportunity. It doesn’t take a majority to start a war in that part of the world.

What Israel did get was time. Hamas will need a couple of years to rearm before they can threaten the south of Israel again. And in those two years, perhaps moderate voices will rise within the Palestinian community who really want to live in peace with Israel, who can see the futility of sending their kids to die in front of Israeli tanks. So maybe they didn’t get deterrence, but they did get time and maybe hope…

Israel’s Response

According to Reuters, “Israel kills scores in Gaza”.  Is Israel’s response to the constant bombardment of its southern regions too much? Is killing “scores” of “innocent” Palestinians justified? Especially since it’s not as if “scores” of innocent Israelis have been killed. These are the questions that Europeans and those in the UN are asking, if they’re asking anything at all.

However, we must note that most of the “victims” in Palestine are not “innocent”. This needs to be repeated again and again. In 2005 Israel left the Gaza strip according to assurances that Palestine would give up violence against Israel. But that did not happen. Hamas, a militant organization supported by Iran, was elected in 2006 by Palestinians themselves. In plain terms, Palestinians CHOSE Hamas.  Of course, not all Palestinians did. Some were loyal to other side, Fatah. Hamas and Fatah have been in continuing conflict. Hamas kicked Fatah out of the Gaza strip in 2007 in a bloody civil conflic.

Now, Hamas continues to flex its muscle in an effort to be recognized. To show its “strength” and to gain the sympathy of the “play nice” world, they have broken a ceasefire agreement with Israel (Reuters makes it sound like Hamas did not break it, but that it somehow expired. Umm, do ceasefires expire?) But don’t worry. Hamas leaders aren’t afraid. They “don’t fear death“. But perhaps they should. Israel has made it clear they are targeting solely terrorist and military training infrastructure of Hamas, and not civilians. Of course, there will be mistakes, and the mistakes are what will get reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas two years ago. Has he had a lawyer? Access to the Red Cross? Anything that even the prisoners at Guatanamo Bay have? No.

And why should Americans care? Don’t we support Israel a little too much? Continue reading ‘Israel’s Response’ »

Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice

No, I’m not re-hashing the themes of John McCain’s presidential campaign. Rather I want to pause and just say THANK YOU on this Veteran’s Day to every single veteran and current member of the armed forces for serving the USA.

You all make us proud every day.

And for the rest of us, please consider giving to the USO or Operation Gratitude, which provides care packages for the troops overseas.  (See also this item from Operation Gratitude on the difference that org makes.)

Nothing going on

Unless you count Obama’s ascension to demigod status. That being the case, there are some things I wish we all knew.

-We are winning in Iraq. So, shouldn’t our goal be to win? The Left’s default position since the invasion was that Iraq was another Vietnam (their memory of which is certainly questionable) and hence “unwinnable”. But since we’re, ya know, winning now, should we focus on finishing the job, getting the government of Iraq on a stable footing and leaving a country that can handle itself?

And on that, I am very worried about the plotting of Sadr and his Iranian leash-holders. It seems clear to me that with the defeat of his open armed militia, the Shiite Islamists are planning on turning southern Iraq into another southern Lebanon. The militia will go underground, create an alternative power structure and work to undermine the security and stability of the Shiite areas. They hope thereby to paralyze the nation of Iraq, keep it from entering into the modern world and keep the rest of the world occupied with these proxy problems so they can be left alone to pursue their nuclear weapons and delusions of grandeur.

So, I’m for working against that and winning the war. If it’s no longer unwinnable, how about we win.

-The Globe, such as it is, stopped warming about ten years ago. It is behaving exactly as the skeptics claimed it would and as the IPCC said it could not. Of course, the Warmists have done what they always do. They have adapted their predictions ex post facto to fit the latest observations. This is not new for them. From the beginning Global Warming has been based on computer models instead of actual observations. And these models have always been too hot. Given data from whenever to 1980 and asked to model today’s temperatures, these models always come up way too hot (10 degrees too hot before, now more like 2 degrees too hot). Faced with this, the “scientists” simply re-do their models (without anyone being able to see and verify that whatever they are doing behind the scenes in their progamming) and low-and-behold, suddenly it fits today, and gets warmer tomorrow. When tomorrow comes in cool again, we’ll just redo to program again, and trust me, this time it’ll be right. Never doubt the theory, we’re causing global warming.

The thing is, it’s not just their predictions that are wrong. Human caused global warming requires there to be a tropical warm belt in the atmosphere. There should be a measurable warm area in the air above tropical latitudes if CO2 is causing this warming, and it simply isn’t there. Weather balloons don’t see it, satellites don’t see it. It isn’t there. So like good little scientists, the Global Warming Crowd is claiming that the thermometers, which work everywhere else, are broken in this particular instance. They’ve got lots of reasons, but no facts. Because the theory predicts it, it must be there, facts be damned, reality be damned. I’ve got more to say about this nonsense later, but for now, I’ll just scoff at the “reality based community”.

-And by the way, we aren’t in a recession. And it is looking more and more like we won’t be. So there’s that.

If Bush could hammer those three points into the heads of the press and the American people before November, that would be a great service to our country. Not that he hasn’t already done a lot, but this one little thing would be really appreciated. That and fire everyone in the State Department.

The War and the Election

apropos of Katy’s post here, I point the reader to Kendall’s Richard the Third and Josephine Tey’s Daughter of Time .  Both books hold that Richard III, the infamous Crouchback, murderer of the Princes in the Tower, was not only innocent of that crime, but probably not in any way deformed or crippled.  Rumour, innuendo and slander grew and were manipulated to the point where they could be used to excuse the Tudor usurpers who were more likely the murderers.  Once this was discovered, and it has been discovered again and again throughout history, it made no difference.  The Narrative was set, Richard III was the bad guy and the truthiness was more important than the truth.

For a more recent example, please see The Al-Dura Affair.

So the question becomes, is the narrative sufficiently determined in favor of the Left that it can only be used to their benefit?

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War on terror an issue in ’08?

Will the war on terror be an issue in this campaign? Should it be? Naturally, the Obama camp hopes it won’t be, since his lack of foreign policy experience could be particularly damaging to him.

Of course, the war is sooo 2002, after all. And we’re tired of it and let’s get out. Even the anti-war protest this spring was paltry. The surge is working and we don’t hear about it. Let’s just be nice and give full habeus corpus rights to people we’ve locked up for “no reason at all” in Cuba.

But let’s just remember that September 11, 2001 did in fact happen (watch Fitna if you haven’t already. But don’t watch on a quesy stomach or in the office because you may in fact cry). The bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 did happen. The 1993 WTC bombing did happen. These were attacks by foreign agents on U.S. territory.

What’s Obama’s plan? Oh, it’s one we’ve heard before. Prosecute the terrorists. As he said recently in an interview with ABC, we should crack down on terrorists “within the constraints of the Constitution.” Really? Should the laws of the U.S. apply to those non-U.S.-citizens whose aim is the destruction of the Constitution and all it stands for? There would seem to be a very obvious answer to this, and it is no.

Obviously national sovereignty is not as robust as it once was (we in the West fear nationalism more than anything. Nationalism can lead to fascism, after all). But we must ask ourselves, is our nation so bad that we should stand by and watch its slow death, and quicken it by electing a man for President who supports this national suicide?

The war — who cares anymore? What’s the point? Al-Qaeda will never win anyway, we say. It will just go away if we don’t talk about it. Right.