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Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago (and an example of what journalism isn’t)

Today many of our friends participated in the Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago (one of the HUNDREDS around the country). These tea parties were not organized by some overarching organization. They were truly a grassroots effort from people angry about the stimulus package that does not stimulate, the trillions of dollars of debt into which the Democratic Congress and President Obama are plunging us, and the fact that these moves are not going to lead to long-term economic growth and could in the long run dampen freedom. But there we go again, the inconvenient truth of the Big Picture and the Long Term View which we conservatives (aka classical liberals) tend to take.

Were some of the tea party efforts silly? Maybe. Do some snicker at the term teabagging used by social conservatives? Yes. Well, let them.  Most people who attended these events could articulate their position better than the semi-professional anti-war protestors who we were privileged to watch for years.

Speaking of those other MoveOn protests, I wonder if this CNN “journalist” (below) would have been as snippy and snarky to them.  Somehow I doubt it. (Thanks to Tax Day Tea Party for the following).

It’s plain and clear what she’s dealing with. Yes. CNN, is it any wonder that you’ve lost market share?

Obama’s Lowered Expectations

From Ace, there’s “Now He Tells Us” and “Osama’s Contained and that’s Good Enough“. Obama has told us many times that Afghanistan is the central front in the war on terror and that getting Osama is the most important task we have before us.

Of course, now that he’s going to be the one responsible for doing that, perhaps it’s not that important. The same reporters in the same papers that have lambasted Bush for seven years for not getting Osama and being distracted by Iraq are already laying the groundwork for letting Obama off the hook.

And, as Ace’s page points out again and again, he’s backtracking on just about everything else he promised too. Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell? That’ll have to wait.

Ahh, voters, get ready for some disappointment

Those darn journalists

Reading the news, I came across this article from the AP:

Study Shows Students Indifferent to Racism

It’s about a study in Toronto where a person was brought into a room with a Black and a White and then the Black leaves and the White says something racist.  The study subject usually ignored the comment.  And it has this winner of a quote inside:

“It’s like these nasty racist comments aren’t having an effect,” said York University psychology professor Kerry Kawakami, the lead author.

“It’s important to remind people that just because a black man has been elected as president doesn’t mean racism is no longer a problem or issue in the States,” she added.

Nice conclusion.  Only this study was conducted in Canada with Canadian students.  So maybe the message should be that certain AP writers should take off their America-bashing glasses and realize that even Universal Health Care (no matter how long you have to wait for it) is no cure for racism in the Great White North…

Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline

ABC News: Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline

Finally, the truth! And from ABC no less.  And although I heard that it was the Obama campaign who said “no, thanks” to ABC’s tardy offer for tomorrow night’s half-hour paid love-fest for Obama, I’m going to give ABC more credit than that. Or maybe not, but good for them to even have the courage to post this article.

Amazing impenetrability

Some people’s minds are impenetrable to the obvious. Case in point. Edward, the doctor and Obama supporter:

Edward, 35, who declined to give his last name for fear it would damage his medical practice, said Obama and Palin are historic figures. But he also believed that Palin was a phenomenon destined to fade.

“The more she’s exposed, the less she’ll shine,” said Edward, who vowed that if McCain and Palin won, he and his friends would move to Canada.

“A lot of people left after 2004,” he said. If McCain and Palin win, “we’re all leaving.”

that’s from the Post. Describing an Obama march that drew less than 500 people. And they were all talking about Palin.

I don’t even know where to begin. Edward, the doctor , will be moving to Canada where he can trade in his private practice for the life of a government functionary in the DMV hospital system of Ontario. uh-huh.

Because Palin is “destined to fade”.  Edward is convinced Obama can’t lose, so convinced that he won’t give his name for fear that his patients will desert him.  Wait, walk with me here, Ed.  Can I call you Ed?

If everyone is going to be voting for Obama, as you expect, then why would you need to hide your identity from your patients?  Aren’t they voting for Obama?  Isn’t everyone voting for the One?  Even if your patients are some of the evil few who have not been enlightened, aren’t there plenty of minions who would fill the void in your waiting room?

Ed confuses me.  But then, they all do.

All Obama, all the time

Just in case no one has noticed, the U.S. is about to get past its past — racial past, that is. We are going to CHANGE. The U.S. will once again be a city on a hill. A beacon of hope to a world in need. In need of a new America.  An America they can feel proud of, maybe for the first time ever.

Loves like this come only once — maybe twice — in a lifetime, and journalists around the world aren’t letting the chance for happiness pass them by.

Foreign press: All Obama, all the time – Michael Calderone –

And now here’s a somewhat battered John Kass, sometime conservative, writing in the Chicago Tribune about the coverage of this sacred event — the annointing of Obama. Barack is our prophet, priest, and king. Sure, that’s what Christians say about Jesus Christ, but why am I letting my personal beliefs about the Messiah dim my outlook on the person who could embody all of those ideals that Christ actually, umm, embodied.  oops, I’m saying that the press is portraying Obama as a Messiah figure, and everyone knows this already. It’s not news. Move along.

And that’s the problem with the recognition of liberal media bias in this case. I have a sense that most people may think “Sure, the press is cossetting and cozying up to Obama. But so what? Aren’t they right? Aren’t they reflecting what we all feel deep down?”

Brit Hume to Stop Anchoring Special Report After Election

Fox’s Brit Hume to Stop Anchoring Special Report After Election – TV Decoder – Media & Television – New York Times Blog

Well, this is sad news. I mean, I suppose he is 65 and is allowed to retire. And to be honest, I rarely watch TV news of any kind any more (I should watch more for blogging, probably). But of all the TV news programs, Fox’s Special Report was the best.

And I link to the coverage of this on the NYT because I think the comments people posted in response are especially revealing of the paranoid mindset of today’s pseudo-intellectual liberals.

Tony Snow, RIP – Tony Snow, Former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Anchor, Dies at 53

We are all very saddened to hear the news that Tony Snow has passed away. He was quite possibly the best press secretary in many years. Certainly, the best press secretary Bush ever had.

And as many noted in the Sunday morning talk shows, and as Bill Kristol noted in the New York Times, he had optimism — optimism about America, and faith-grounded (as Kristol and President Bush have noted) optimism in the face of his illness. He was a good talk show host and an excellent press secretary  (particularly obvious since McClellan’s book has come out) in large part because he acted out his faith. He had his principles and his beliefs, but he could listen, and he gave grace.   A model to emulate.

I find it sad that the coverage of Tim Russert’s sudden passing (which was indeed startling and sad) seems to have generated more digital ink than Tony Snow’s. I had been hibernating from the news for the last week, but somehow I still knew about the cover of the New Yorker, and the White House discussion of a pull-out from Iraq (on which more later), but heard only by the merest chance of Tony Snow’s death.

But no doubt Tony Snow himself would not have minded.  May God bless his family. RIP.

All around the blogosphere

Well, the right side anyway.

The Anchoress has a wonderfully funny post on the press, Obama, Iraq, and The President, here.

Powerline talks about various ways the deciders are editing our news here, here, and here.

And David Thompson is looking at Second Childhoods.

On the press, as a conservative, I’m always ready for them to paint the Republican nominee as either ignorant or evil (or preferably both) and to ignore or minimize the failures and limitations of the Democratic Other. But this year they certainly are outdoing themselves. Powerline points to two instances over the weekend where the media, one Washington Post and two ABC’s This Week, had extended pieces on “Obama’s Spirituality” and neither of them managed to even mention his “spiritual mentor” of 20 years. Reverend Wright is down the memory hole. That’s insane. They’ve lost their minds in their desperation to win this election and it’s going to come back and bite them in the butt when somebody breaks ranks and starts reporting on Obama instead of working for him. It has to, right?

The culture war will have to wait for another post…

Tim Russert, RIP

Tim Russert was an honorable journalist. Though we may have disagreed with him frequently, there was no doubt that he did his job with fairness and energy and grace — especially appreciated during his moderation of the primary debates this season. He will be missed, and as so many commentators on both sides of the aisle have said, he is irreplaceable as a pundit.

We do note, however, the silence of Arrianna Huffington, though we wonder — who really cares? What is Huffington to Russert?