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Energized by energy

Republicans in Congress showed some spunk — gumption — one might even call it passion last week, and promise to show more of the same this week (or maybe one or two younger ones will. Oh well.)

What happened?  Well, full story here, but in short: skeerdy-cat Democrats who just wanted to go on vacation and didn’t want to vote on the off-shore oil drilling bill before they left, shut down Congress early to disallow further speeches from Republican lawmakers on the subject . They even shut down the C-SPAN cameras (which are, apparently, not controlled by C-SPAN but by the Speaker of the House and her party. Interesting.) For a while the lights were off too (no doubt to save on energy costs. Always thinking of the taxpayer, that Ms. Pelosi).

Nevertheless, GOP lawmakers stayed and orated for several hours to a growing number of tourists (i.e., citizens), and a few of the reps pledged to keep it up this week. Well done!

If only they had shown this much passion for an issue that matters to the average American — and been this unconcerned with public attention — two years ago. But better late than never!

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