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What to do about the Olympics

Don’t watch. Seriously. The only way to bring the idiots at the IOC in Geneva to heel is to hit them in their pocketbooks. If nobody watches the Olympics, TV revenues go into the toilet and networks tell the IOC not to choose a homicidal, totalitarian dictatorship the next time.

It’s not just about Tibet, or the Falun Gong, or the thousands that were killed in Tiananmen square. It’s about thousands of missiles pointed at the free, democratic nation of Taiwan, and censoring the internet, and banning any and all banners at the games. And staging an attack in Paris to discredit the Tibetan movement. It’s about Darfur in Sudan, and Mugabe in Zimbabwe. If you’re an environmentalist, China is the largest polluter in the world by a great margin. If you favor reproductive rights, it might interest you to know that China sterilizes women against their will and aborts pregnancies against the will of the mothers.

There is no measure by which China is not a problem; labor rights, fair trade, human rights, free speech.

Don’t support the butchers of Beijing. Don’t watch.

it’ll all be on youtube a month later anyway, unless Google sells out again. You wouldn’t do any more evil, would you Google?

Don’t watch.