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Sincerity, honor, and service

Those would be the themes I think the McCain campaign was going for with this speech.  And I think it succeeded. I would have loved to hear more specific policies, to respond to Obama’s Marxist prescriptions, but the timing and audience was not right. Or at least that’s what more knowledgeable pundits than me are saying.

Were attacks on Obama necessary tonight? Maybe not. After all, Palin and Giuliani and others have gone after Obama/Biden.  I kept wanting the speech to look forward more than backwards, but he did need to sell his experience, and more importantly, his principles and love of country. Those were indeed the most affecting lines.  In part because they do stand in contrast to Obama’s camp. He can say he loves his country, but he is so quick to find fault with it.

And he ended strong, no doubt about it. Talking through the impassioned cheers of the crowd was a good move. It showed strength of purpose and confidence and passion.

Now. Let’s get down to specific policies, and why the differences matter. Because they do.

Hockey Mom!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee

And who says Republicans can’t choose a woman VP?

Of course, true-blue feminists won’t really care about this because Palin is conservative (and was runner-up to be Miss Alaska in 1984, which no doubt irks them).

We here in Illinois can especially respect Palin for how she was able to buck the corrupt GOP in Alaska. If only someone could do the same here!

Will her youth make attacks on Obama’s more difficult? No. Why? She is not running for President. There is a difference.

Would Pawlenty have brought in Minnesota? Perhaps, but doubtful. This pick was radical, but in a way no one thought would be radical. Excellent surprise.