New Year, New Post, and Pravda

In what has become an alarmingly annual (even, gulp, bi-annual)  tradition, the version of WordPress used by this blog has been updated to the most recent available. We are drinking bubbly even now to celebrate the occasion (we didn’t saber the bottle, though we were tempted). We’d also like to tell all fellow bloggers exporting their database to SQL that it is VERY VERY important to select  “IF NOT EXISTS” when exporting.  Just sayin’.

In any case, what does this update mean? Will we still get the daily user registrations from Russia and employees at, umm,  enlargement facilities? Hopefully not, though of course we hope they keep reading.

Speaking of Russia, I’m very grateful that our government can keep everyone equally unsafe.  There are bad actors in the world, and though it’s unpopular to say, the U.S. is not one of them.  Our liberal friends prefer that we lead by example, but does anyone honestly believe that the real Bad Actors will follow us? Come on, if they would do that, they wouldn’t be bad actors in the first place!

But why was there the rush? Was Obama really that scared that Harry Reid wouldn’t be able to get the treaty through in the next Congress? And what did it really accomplish? It will lessen our stockpile of nuclear warheads and “delivery vehicles” , but this is just to get those in line with what Russia’s already has. Russia already plans to put multiple warheads on single launchers.  And the treaty will also lessen our ability for missile defense.

The Senate can of course only give its advice and consent on treaties — they cannot rewrite them.  So we signed. Now it’s up to the Duma.

And even after all that, they still don’t trust us. Right back at ya, Mr. P.

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