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Ten medical workers have been killed in Afghanistan, possibly at the hands of the Taliban (though the Taliban are known for taking credit after an attack, even one they did not orchestrate).

The Bloomberg report notes this:

“They were not doctors. They were trying to spread the Christian religion in Karan wa Manjan,” Mujahed [a Taliban spokesman] said. “And at the other hand they were spies. Our Mujahedeen people arrived there and tried to stop them, but they escaped and our Mujahedeen had to open fire on them.”

The International Assistance Mission, which describes itself as an international Christian organization providing education and health aid in Afghanistan, said on its website it has been informed that 10 foreign and Afghan people, likely members of a team providing eye care in communities in Nuristan, were killed while returning to Kabul.

British Sky News reports that the Brit who was killed — Dr. Karen Woo — was not Christian. Her fiance says that instead she was a Humanist, and he highly doubts that she was preaching. That may be the case, but she was working from a Christian organization. And one which is quite careful to avoid offending its host country:

“Amongst others, we ascribe to the code that aid will not be used to further a particular political or religious standpoint. IAM fully commits to the standard that aid is given regardless of the race, creed or nationality of the recipients and without adverse distinction of any kind.”
- International Assistance Mission Standards

Frankly, the ability to be a secular Humanist and work with an organization dedicated to serving others out of a love for Christ is not something that jihadists or Islamists can comprehend, and is not something they themselves would accept in their own organizations.

Islam, remember as Bush told us for 8 years, is a religion of peace. That might be the case if you are Muslim. If you aren’t, it is anything but.

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  1. discerning:

    Thanks for sharing this. We need to remember this. They are the real heroes. Why doesn’t someone make a movie about missionaries that risk their lives? Hollywood used to; remember “Inn of the Sixth Happiness” with Ingrid Bergman? Nowadays, we get movies that glamourize internet pornography.

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