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Repeal and Replace

Though it’s been ages.. AGES… since we’ve blogged, we (or maybe it’s just me) still feel as strongly that the healthcare bill needs to be repealed and replaced as. soon. as. possible. November can’t come soon enough, though now I’m a little worried that Republicans feel like it’s already a fait accompli and therefore almost useless to fight against it any longer. That would be a terrible, disastrous choice for their campaigns. And oh yeah, for the economy and for healthcare in general.

May we remind the good congressmen and women that the healthcare bill was passed late in the dark of a winter’s night, and only after Ms. Pelosi twisted so many arms the Indian burn was felt all the way to Michigan, and was so uncomfortable it caused sudden and unexpected resignations across the fruited plain. This means, people DON’T LIKE IT. (Republicans, if they’re smart, will capitalize on this.)

And then businesses did what businesses are legally bound to do — their accountants wrote down the massive charges the companies would take. And Democrats, many of whom are absolutely clueless about business, complained that companies were only publicizing their charges because they are all against Obama.

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