Gibbs says health-care will become law this week

So sayeth the prophet of Obama.

44 – Gibbs says health-care will become law this week, but House Democrats still short of votes

And the arrogance of this administration continues apace.

What worries me is that many Democrats who are not Obama/Pelosi/Reid just DON’T care about the political fallout of this thing. Many have announced they won’t be seeking reelection this year — so essentially they can do whatever they want between now and November. And we’ll thank them for their sacrifice later, or something.

Let us be clear once more — health care is NOT a right. It is NOT.  Neither is wealth, shelter, or frankly, friendship.  The “progressive” push has been to eliminate the view of natural rights on which this country, like it or not, was founded. The U.S. was not founded by members of  the Frankfort School or Hegelianism or the other REALLY BAD ideas that came out of Germany in the last part of the nineteenth century.

The founders did not all agree with one another, and obviously there are academic debates about how Christian they were, or if they were, or how centralized they felt the government needed to be. But they did all believe that as a republic, we had to be a moral country, or we would fail. They all agreed that there are “certain inalienable rights” — healthcare was not listed.

I mention our founders because I do believe that the arrogance of this administration is at least reminding many people of our founding principles, and there may in fact be a rebellion against this “revolution” that the true-blue Obama voters believed they were ushering in.

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