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The Good, the Bad, and the Holder

It was a good week for conservatives, more or less: Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, thereby putting Obamacare on indefinite hold; the Supreme Court’s decision for the First Amendment in Citizens United vs. FEC, which was correct in upholding the Constitution  (though we’re thinking this could benefit statists, since big business (along with unions, ironically),  is actually not conservative. But again, the law is the law); and the bankruptcy of Air America — no more Ron Reagan, Jr.? Perish the thought. (though one could argue that this will just be another excuse for the Left to pass the Fairness Doctrine) .

So about what can we be gloomy?

How about Eric Holder’s Justice Department? They have just announced the release from Gitmo of Hassan Zumiri, a guy who wanted to bomb Los Angeles Airport in 2000. To Algeria. Gee, that sounds like a great idea. And let’s not  forget that this is the same Justice Department that has decided that those who plotted 9/11 — like the mastermind of it all Kalid Sheik Mohammad — should be tried in civilian court. Even though he already confessed and said he wanted to be executed. Military commissions are apparently okay for lesser-known terrorists, but the big guys deserve respect.

Here are former Bush official John Yoo’s comments about what the U.S. Constitution will now offer our enemies::

The Constitution requires that we have an open public trial for any criminal defendant tried by our government, and one of the rights that every defendant has is to force a government to open up its files and provide all the information it has on the defendant.This is going to be terrible for our efforts against al-Qaeda because we will have to explain, for example, how we knew where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was, how we were able to intercept his cell phone calls, how we were able to read his e-mails, and how we captured him. All of this is going to have to be made public.

Feel better? Let’s not rest on a couple victories, friends.

Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Let’s hope it’s heard in DC.

Amazing history made tonight in Massachusetts. Scott Brown is the first Republican elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in 38 years.  40-55% voter turnout — in a special election. In January.

What’s more ironic? That a Republican won in Massachusetts on a platform, in part, against Obama’s healthcare plan, or that he replaces the very man who pushed so hard for so long for that very bill, and for whom the bill is named??

And in case you were watching MSNBC or CNN and therefore missed Senator-elect Brown’s acceptance speech, see this text  (from The Corner). (It is missing his jokes about his daughters, alas.)

as prepared for delivery:

Thank you very much.  I’ll bet they can hear all this cheering down in Washington, D.C.

And I hope they’re paying close attention, because tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken.

From the Berkshires to Boston, from Springfield to Cape Cod, the voters of this Commonwealth defied the odds and the experts. And tonight, the independent majority has delivered a great victory.

I thank the people of Massachusetts for electing me as your next United States senator.

Every day I hold this office, I will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud.

Most of all, I will remember that while the honor is mine, this Senate seat belongs to no one person and no political party – and as I have said before, and you said loud and clear today, it is the people’s seat.

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Scott Brown — Republican

Really, it’s the only thing Coakley in Massachusetts has to run on .. Scott Brown is Republican! Scott Brown would vote against the healthcare bill! How can a Republican hold Teddy Kennedy’s seat? Teddy KENNEDY’s seat?

Too Little Too Late

Inevitable, we suppose. Ben Nelson has asked that the provision in the healthcare bill that would have exempted Nebraska from new Medicaid costs be removed.

Meanwhile, he is booed in Pizza Hut in Nebraska.  He seems to misunderstand their anger.