Strange But True

One of the great demonstrations of the universal value of Democracy and Liberty is that no matter how despotic and corrupt a regime is, it will always mouth the platitudes of Liberal Democracy.  N. Korea dutifully has elections, as does Iran.  All the worst places in the world are “People’s Republics” or “Islamic Republics”.  No one just says outright, “hey, I’m just a plain old despot claiming the absoulte right of kings.”  They have to couch their thugocracies in the trappings of Western Civilization because we have discovered something that borders on a universal human truth.

So, in a way, we might already have won if we would only hold all these petty dictators to account through the international bodies that exist.  Sadly, the UN is the playground of these same petty, corrupt dictators, so absent starting something else (and leaving the UN altogether for non-humanitarian issues), we’re not going to make much headway in that direction.  But I digress…

Over at the Contentions blog, Jennifer Rubin has been writing about Sotomayor’s sudden transformation into a rule of law girl now that she’s been nominated to the Supreme Court.  Never mind her years and years of giving speeches and handing down rulings in direct contradiction to the idea of judicial restraint, now that she’s on national television, she’s as Federalist as any Federalist out there.

If legislating from the bench is so wildly popular, why the need to lie about it during confirmation hearings?

And the same question could be asked of about a dozen of the Left’s legislative priorities.

They don’t want to nationalize health care, they swear. Even as they pass legislation geared to do exactly that.  They have no intention of raising taxes, even as “cap and trade” becomes the largest tax grab in the history of the US.  No one has ever been a stronger friend of Israel, even as we lean on them and put no pressure whatsoever on Hamas or Abbas or Syria or Iran.  Name one demand that Obama has made of the PLO.  I certainly can’t think of one.

But he and his supporters swear there has never been a better friend to Israel in the Oval Office.

Hogwash.  And hogwash again on Healthcare which the Left has been trying to socialize it since the 60s.  And hogwash again on taxes.

And hogwash again on Sotomayor’s judicial restraint.

But think about it.  If the West has already won the important debate about the truth of Democracy and Liberty and our evidence is the hypocrisy of Castro and Kim JongIl and the Ayatollahs; then what does the hypocrisy, not to say perfidy, of the Democratic party here in the US say about the domestic policy debate?

And if we’ve already won the battle of ideas (as I believe we have), then why aren’t our elected officials at least trying to do a better job of holding the government to account.  We know why the press won’t do it (they are on the other side).  But our congressmen should at least try to point out the utter ridiculousness of their opponents across the aisle saying one thing and doing another.

Perhaps calling Sotomayor on her silliness is a good start.


  1. Katy:

    First, welcome back to the blog! Secondly, I think it is in the nature of democracies to self-destruct. Especially those that are without a moral center, which would increasingly describe the U.S., as Americans become more and more polarized between libertine libertarians and lazy let-the-government-do-its-thing-everyone-is-corrupt-anyway-whats-the-use-het0whats-on-tv-tonight apolitical folk. (And then there are the left-wing true blue (red) socialists, but they are a minority — Obama is indeed one of them.)

    There’s been a book published recently by Paul Rahe, professor at Hillsdale, called “Soft Despotism: Democracy’s Drift”. Yeah.. .so what’s the solution?

  2. Lane:

    The first solution is not to despair. Things look bad, but they looked awfully bad during the 70s, and the 1870s. Pretty soon after Toqueville’s monumental volume on America came out, which early on pointed out that (paraphrasing) America is great because it is good, moralizers and doomsayers started saying that we were no longer good and therefore destined to fall from greatness.

    So do not despair. On most moral issues, the polls, if not the pols have been trending in the conservative direction since Clinton’s Presidency.

    Cap and Trade and the Healthcare fiasco both look to be defeated (as the Amnesty in Disguise bill was defeated a few years ago). When the Left overreaches, America reacts, and Obama is overreaching like few before him could have imagined.

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