Iran, Obama and a certain liberal blindness

Krauthammer on Friday let loose on the Obama administration for kidding itself on so many levels and once again letting down the Iranian people…

Unfortunately for the United States, the country Obama represents, the prospective treaty is useless at best, detrimental at worst…

Obama says that his START will be a great boon, setting an example to enable us to better pressure North Korea and Iran to give up their nuclear programs. That a man of Obama’s intelligence can believe such nonsense is beyond comprehension.

And that’s really the question.  Can Obama and the Left in general really believe that arms control works or that America cutting down from 2500 nukes to 1500 is going to change the strategic calculus for thugs in Iran butchering their people in the streets or thugs in N. Korea starving a people into non-existence?

Can they really believe it?  Another example, in an article ostensibly on the side of the Iranian people…

Who’s going to win? In the short run, the victors may be the thugs who claim to rule in the name of God: the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Basij militia and the other tools of an Islamic revolution that has decayed and hardened into mere authoritarianism. They have shown they are willing to kill enough of their compatriots to contain this first wave of change.

“Decayed and hardened”?  Really?  Can Ignatius really believe that the Islamic Republic has been anything but “mere authoritarianism” since the day it took 53 Americans hostage?  The Iranian government has supported the worst forms of terrorism all around the world, actively butchers its own people in public executions, stifles freedom of the press, has never had a free election.  If there’s a fascism and totalitarianism index, Iran is right near the top.  There is nothing but mere totalitarianism in the very ideals of the “Islamic Republic.”  It is, as most Islamism is, nothing more than a warmed over version of the fascism of Europe with Islam taking the place of the Master Race.

How could Ignatius and Obama be so deceived about the nature of this terrible regime?  What causes intelligent people to take absurd positions vis à vis Iran and other obvious enemies of Civilization?

The answer is ideology, an ideology that focuses all the sins of the world in one place, America.  The Soviets weren’t bad, we were.  The Maoists weren’t (or aren’t) bad, we were.  We were the aggressors, we were the bad guys.  I mean, sure they had the gulag, but we don’t even have Universal Health Care!  Still!

Who here sees a replay of the Carter years coming?  Carter was the nicest, most understanding, most apologetic President we’ve ever had and what did it get us?  A more beligerent USSR, a hostage crisis in Iran, aggresive terrorism throughout the Mideast and Europe.

When you apologize to thugs, they don’t take it as a kindness, they take it as weakness, and they quickly move to exploit any weakness they see.

And another thing, well two things actually; one on Putin and one on missile defense.  When Bush looked into “Putin’s soul” and saw a man he could do business with, he was universally derided on the Left as a fool who had been duped by Putin.  Of course, Bush never gave Putin anything, excepting maybe being a little less concerned with human rights in Russia than some wanted.  Obama flits over to Moscow and in a couple of days gives the Russians exactly what they have wanted for six years, a veto on our missile defense plans, selling out our allies and NATO members Poland and the Czech Republic in the process and he’s a genius for our time, .  Are you kidding me?

And what about missile defense?  The Left always screamed it wouldn’t work and even if it could shoot down one or two missiles, the Russians and the Chinese were going to send thousands at us, so what’s the point?  Of course, now it does work.  We’ve shot down missiles and satellites and just about anything else we’ve had a mind to over the past few years, so we don’t hear too much about the impossibility of hitting a bullet with a bullet anymore.  And yet the Left still vehemently opposes missile defence.  Confusing, no?

And the threat has changed as well.  We’re not worried about Russia throwing a thousand nukes over the North Pole at us, we’re worried about five from Iran or ten from PyongYang, exactly the kind of threat that missile defence, properly deployed could eliminate.

And yet the one place Obama chooses to save money next year is in cutting missile defence.  His one big “win” on the foreign policy circuit is giving away our right to defend ourselves and our allies to Russia.

The blind belief in disarmament has been part and parcel to the Left since Vietnam.  It has never been more dangerous.  It is of a piece with the belief that it is possible to make a deal with Iran’s thuggee rulers.  The Left as a matter of faith that if only we will repent of past wrongs, pay absolution and resolve to sin no more, then the world’s worst will accept our love, beat their swords into plowshares and we will all live happily ever after.

It’s daft.  It turns the rest of the world into mere reflections of America, absolving and infantalizing them at the same time.  Iran’s leaders have no interest of their own save resistance to American hegemony and American crimes.  Once those crimes are cleared up, all will be right with the world.  Iran’s belligerance is seen merely as a resistance (a legitimate resistance, I might add), to the monsters here in America.

We are the only bad guys, and we the only actors in this drama.  Everything revolves around us.  Obama doesn’t need to engage in tough diplomacy, he needs only change us and the messy world, with all its intractable problems, will simply melt away.

This is the fantasy that Obama and others like him hold dear.  Let us pray they wake up before it’s too late.

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