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The Republican Party: a Loveless Marriage in a Big Tent

Climb by Mark Steyn on National Review Online

I come out of hiding very very briefly to note this article. I honestly HEART Mark Steyn (what right-thinking person doesn’t?). Colin Powell and other “moderates” are making the same complaints about the Republican Party that they always have. They just want the Republican Party to be less conservative (and by conservative they almost always mean socially conservative).

Can we PLEASE stop breaking down conservatism into these various areas — social, war, fiscal — and say that current conservatism may indeed a state of mind, as I believe Russell Kirk said, and that that  is OKAY. It’s a state of mind that loves freedom, but understands and accepts boring adult responsibility, without being told to by the nanny state.

American conservatives desire freedom from tyranny and freedom from overreaching government,  but they recognize that true freedom — freedom that can last and is not just a theory — cannot come without a recognition of human limits.  And so we recognize those institutions  — the social networks, if you will –  that have strengthened our civic communities and our nation, and that force the admission of our limits and our frailties.  Families (ideally with two parents), respect for  marriage, respect for life and property, respect for religion, and respect for law. Even respect for your political opponent (which Ms. Sykes seems not to understand, but I digress).

The GOP and Republicans are often blamed for being too individualistic, but in fact, it is conservatism — classical liberalism — that puts the burden of social welfare in its proper place — society. You and me. Not some invisible government hand that may eventually crush us.