Faith and Hope and Miracles

Okay, this story today from the Anchoress, Miracles Indeed,  is worth a read. Dare we suggest that admitting and even accepting the inescapable mystery of life is a deep part of what makes us, as conservatives,  more skeptical of the religion of science that many current atheists hold? That religion is the real theocracy that people should fear, rather than the fake “Christianity” of groups like the Westboro Baptists.

It is this vain attempt to rely on pure science — leaving the ethical dilemmas to the individual rather than society — that may be leading us down dangerous paths. Paths such as the environmentalism that puts good intentions to save “the Earth” above efforts that will help people today, or the embryonic stem cell research that destroys nascent life in order to save older life.

Perhaps we all — no matter the political philosophical label with which we most identify –  need to be mindful about these paths, and of the miracles in our midst.

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