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Earth to Environmentalist Wackos

We almost missed Earth Day! But hope you had a pleasant one … at least a less mournful one than these folks.

h/t to Un-Liberaled Woman (and Ace)

Classic indeed. Meanwhile, let’s all be sure to remember the man who founded Earth Day, Ira Einhorn, who loved the Earth more than he loved his girlfriend.

And a sidenote, from that gruesome story, “Arlen Specter, currently Pennsylvania’s senior United States Senator, was Mr. Einhorn’s attorney. He managed to get the bail set at the unheard of amount of $40,000 for the suspected murderer.”  This really isn’t surprising. Even 30 years later, Arlen Specter still disappoints.

Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago (and an example of what journalism isn’t)

Today many of our friends participated in the Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago (one of the HUNDREDS around the country). These tea parties were not organized by some overarching organization. They were truly a grassroots effort from people angry about the stimulus package that does not stimulate, the trillions of dollars of debt into which the Democratic Congress and President Obama are plunging us, and the fact that these moves are not going to lead to long-term economic growth and could in the long run dampen freedom. But there we go again, the inconvenient truth of the Big Picture and the Long Term View which we conservatives (aka classical liberals) tend to take.

Were some of the tea party efforts silly? Maybe. Do some snicker at the term teabagging used by social conservatives? Yes. Well, let them.  Most people who attended these events could articulate their position better than the semi-professional anti-war protestors who we were privileged to watch for years.

Speaking of those other MoveOn protests, I wonder if this CNN “journalist” (below) would have been as snippy and snarky to them.  Somehow I doubt it. (Thanks to Tax Day Tea Party for the following).

It’s plain and clear what she’s dealing with. Yes. CNN, is it any wonder that you’ve lost market share?

Faith and Hope and Miracles

Okay, this story today from the Anchoress, Miracles Indeed,  is worth a read. Dare we suggest that admitting and even accepting the inescapable mystery of life is a deep part of what makes us, as conservatives,  more skeptical of the religion of science that many current atheists hold? That religion is the real theocracy that people should fear, rather than the fake “Christianity” of groups like the Westboro Baptists.

It is this vain attempt to rely on pure science — leaving the ethical dilemmas to the individual rather than society — that may be leading us down dangerous paths. Paths such as the environmentalism that puts good intentions to save “the Earth” above efforts that will help people today, or the embryonic stem cell research that destroys nascent life in order to save older life.

Perhaps we all — no matter the political philosophical label with which we most identify –  need to be mindful about these paths, and of the miracles in our midst.

Tasteful Gifts, Part Two

Obamas Give Queen Elizabeth an iPod –

I interrupt my temporary hiatus from Conservative Cabal to note this remarkable gift. Wow, the Obamas sure are bringing change to international relations — the world must be respecting us more now! I hope Obama has his own in working order, as he may need it to tune out the anti-capitalist protesters that have been rioting in London.

But nevermind, we’re just going to put our own earbuds in and ignore the fact that Congress has been giving itself (or rather, its aides) pretty hefty bonuses — on the taxpayer dime. Is anyone protesting THIS? Are they paying 90% in taxes?