When Big Politics Is Small

Maybe it’s because I’m of a conservative nature just generally (and by conservative I mean slow to embrace, umm, change (hey, I’ve lived in the same apartment for 10 years — though ironically THAT is changing this year)), or maybe it’s my intolerance for arrogance, or maybe it’s my annoyance with forced and unwarranted pats on the back, but when I hear members of a certain political party in the state in which I live congratulate themselves on recent wins in a “tough” time, and then say they care about the grassroots when they at the same time avoid all attempts to let the grassroots have a say that might threaten their own power, I get…frustrated at how truly small-minded it all is.

This is indeed “Big Politics”, where the small man who thinks he’s in charge (and those like him) has turned a once-red state blue. Politics, from a conservative perspective, should be actually … small, but in the best sense. The people who are given the trust of the citizens should act small, and with care. Grand, sweeping gestures usually lead to something like, oh, say… the Great Society. Or a 2 trillion dollar debt.

Citizens who do their duty not out of small self-love, but out of love for their country are those who will do the best job, because their priorities error not on the side of narcissism, but on the side of the other. Other citizens. Sure, many Big Politicians may start as little guys, but they catch Potomac Fever, or they are surrounded by aids like the Big Politics-man I heard last night. And they get Big. And Fat. And forgetful of who, as my mom often said (quoting someone else) “brung ‘em to the dance”. Conservatives and liberty-lovers of all labels understand that you cannot be “big” to really advance causes that advance freedom — that you must think beyond yourself. You must care for something greater than your power. Greater than “government”. And liberalism, though it talks nice, carries a big government stick that will actually hurt the little guy.

Small Politicans are for the little guy. The real little guy. Yes, the Joe Plumbers. Yes, the mom-’n-pop dry cleaners. Yes, the small businessman. Yes, the taxpayer who works for a large firm that can hire him because they aren’t forced to allow card checks. The real little guy.

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