Bury Burris … Elect Santelli?

Burris’ support in black community begins to waver – International Herald Tribune

This is good news. But what does Bobby Rush think?

And why now? Why did he suddenly remember this week that actually, technically, he HAD been in contact with our friend Rod, or intermediaries, a few other times. He has changed his story 4 times. FOUR.

Folks at the Chicago Tribune are calling for his resignation, saying he’s an embarrassment, and it all should be put back in the hands of the people. Too bad that couldn’t happen before Blagoyevich was impeached and Governor Quinn installed. It is HIS duty now to appoint someone should Burris resign.

But Burris was asked the wrong questions. That’s why he wasn’t more forthcoming (aka honest)…

“I think that he would’ve been more forthcoming if the appropriate questions were asked,” by the committee, said [Chicago resident Danyelle] Hall. “That didn’t happen and that’s not his fault.”

Of course not. Somehow, somewhere, someone is blaming Bush for this.

Update: Or perhaps Rick Santelli would be interested in a Senate seat? He says not, but that’s the kind of energy and, well, anger we might need in a senator from Illinois.

Update Deux: Hey, we weren’t the only ones who wondered about Santelli and public office. Check out Hot Air comments and NRO’s Corner, where K-Lo says:

I’ve had a case of deja vu today.

I’m noticing the tone. I’m seeing the enthusiasm. And I’m digging out from the sheer volume of e-mails I’ve been getting today about that CNBC dude. The reaction to Rick Santelli’s Chicago-trading-floor incident this morning echoes the emotional reaction my inbox had to Sarah Palin’s convention speech this summer.

I make no endorsements. It’s just an observation.

I think people are hungry for someone who is fed up with the way things are and who seem to believe in something enough to know there in an alternative worth fighting for. Some of the voices may be far from perfect, but Americans are looking for signs of the life of an alternative. And so if a representative pops up — someone who appears to have roots and energy, folks will cheer them on in the hopes there’s a candidate here. Maybe not a presidential candidate, but a leader of some sort. Someone who can offer a vision of something other than a culture of bailout.

Today, Rick Santelli was that sign of life.

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