Shame on him, shame on Illinois voters

Blagoyevich is, yes, Blago, as the Illinois State Senate took its responsibility seriously and expeditiously (for politicians). It encourages us to see that some functions of government can work for the good of the people, though in this case I tend to think it was just a happy coincidence that brought the good of the people in line with the interests of certain others. But hey we’ll take it.

The roll-call was fun to listen to. The speeches beforehand exemplified everything I dislike about politics and pontificating politicians. “I grew up on a farm, and we grew apples and peaches. And occasionally there would be a bad apple in the bunch,” (I paraphrase from some state senator whose name escapes me).

In any case, it’s over. And as Illinois voters look around in relief and/or glee, I tend to think — Blagoyevich was a product of this state’s corrupt culture, of which our President is as well — though you would never know it.  And voters are to blame for electing him twice, and the Republican party is also to blame for not offering a reasonable alternative in 2006.

I’m glad the voters of Illinois (through their representaitves) finally decided he had to go.  Can Stroger please be next?

And here, a  quote taken out of context but pleasingly apt after Blago’s speech earlier:

He was not born to shame:

Upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit

-Wm. Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”

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  1. Lane:

    Yes, he’s out, but shall we ever be rid of him? I worry that he will somehow escape conviction on any serious charge and will then emerge, vindicated in his own mind and land a job with MSNBC or some other hack network and we’ll get to hear his nonsense ramblings for years to come.

    Fitzgerald hasn’t demonstrated the ability to really land the big fish. He hooks them for sure, with his indictments, but when it comes conviction time, he is sorely lacking. I mean, how much time is Rezko doing anyway?

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong and Blago gets a nice healthy sentence which prompts him to turn on all the other politicians in this state and out of it :-)

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