Who plays the governor? Not Blagoyevich

We are pleased (well not really) to present the following tidbit from the Sun Times

If a movie is made about Blagojevich, who plays the governor? – Lynn Sweet

And yes, he really did say that. I heard him with my own ears on the news last night. And then on Sunday, as he started his media blitz, the good governor, who is the ONLY honest politican in Illinois, began by comparing himself to Ghandi, Martin Luther,  Nelson Mandela… and other “human rights heroes.”

Well what if he is? More to the point, what if he does somehow, with his Kipling-quoting charm (if you can call it that), somehow convince potential jury members that maybe…it’s not his fault. He is, after all, simply a product of his northwest Chicago culture, where pay to play is just how the game is played.  Isn’t pay to play what politics IS, he seems to be saying.

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  1. Lane:

    “Isn’t pay to play what politics IS, he seems to be saying.”

    Yes, it is what he’s saying. And it’s what David Axelrod said when he worked for Blago. He wrote an editorial about it that showed up in the Tribune I think. Not that he thinks that anymore, since he’s working for The Most Holy Obama.

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