Israel and Gaza

The Gaza invasion is over and under any objective evaluation, Israel has been victorious. Luckily for Hamas, the international news media hasn’t been objective for a long time…

The BBC takes Hamas’ word for it:

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, declared a ceasefire after Israel called off its three-week offensive.

The group has claimed victory in the confrontation, saying it stopped Israel achieving its aims.

The very next sentence in this article should be, “such claims are ludicrous on their face with Gaza in ruins and Israeli farmers harvesting melons just across the border.” Alas, it is not. The BBC allows Hamas’ absentee leader to pontificate for the rest of the article in direct and indirect quotes before finally noting that Israel also “claims” victory.

Look at the simply ridiculous formulation they use in the first sentence quoted above; Hamas declared a cease-fire after Israel called off its invasion. The Carthaginians just announced a ceasefire in their conflict with Rome as well. Hamas got crushed, end of story.

The only place that the terrorists can really win is in the editorial board-rooms of the western media. And so their “leader” holds a press conference in Damascus and the BBC loyally reports their “claims” and simply founders when attempting to find an objective measure whereby to judge the respective claims of the Israelis and Hamas.

Here’s a hint. The guy cowering in Damascus while his country is in tatters is not the winner.

Meanwhile, Hamas has returned to its beneficent rule in Gaza:

Nineteen Palestinians were murdered in cold blood by Hamas, Habbash said, while more than 60 others were shot in the legs.

Ihab Ghissin, spokesman for the Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza, confirmed that his men had arrested scores of “collaborators” with Israel during and after the war.

They are cutting the eyes out of Palestinians they accuse of being collaborators. No trials, no Geneva Conventions, and no condemnations by the UN or the ACLU.

So that’s the short side. The Western Media continues to work for the West’s enemies and that’s that. But what will be the long term effect of Operation Cast Lead on Israel’s security going forward?

Israel’s government says they have struck a huge blow against Hamas and re-established the deterrent value of Israeli arms. How large the blow against Hamas truly is will depend greatly upon what can be done to stop them from re-arming themselves. Right now Israel is negotiating with Egypt and the EU on what to do about the border, but the smuggling tunnels have reportedly re-opened.

As for deterrence, who or what is Israel trying to deter? The thugs in Damascus and Tehran don’t care about the people in Gaza. So no matter how many of them are killed and no matter how many buildings are destroyed, the terror-masters in far-away lands aren’t going to be deterred.

The commanders on the ground, in Gaza may be concerned. There were reports last week that although Damascus was talking tough, the Hamas leaders in Gaza were willing to discuss a ceasefire. If that wedge can be widened, if the people of Gaza can be convinced to drop this futile war with Israel, than something might be accomplished, some deterrence might be generated.

But those same men cutting out eyes and crippling fellow Palestinians right now are going to be shooting rockets back into Israel at their first opportunity. It doesn’t take a majority to start a war in that part of the world.

What Israel did get was time. Hamas will need a couple of years to rearm before they can threaten the south of Israel again. And in those two years, perhaps moderate voices will rise within the Palestinian community who really want to live in peace with Israel, who can see the futility of sending their kids to die in front of Israeli tanks. So maybe they didn’t get deterrence, but they did get time and maybe hope…

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