Stimulus package stimulates … disgust

Congress is getting to work, friends. This week, Rep. Obey (D-WI) introduced a stimulus package developed by House Democrats and Obama — we mean the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The $825 billion bill pleases a whole lot of special interests.

Where’s the money targeted? Oh, the usual. Medicare, teacher’s unions — we mean “education” — and something new (or actually rehashed from FDR) — public works projects. A LOT of them.

Obey, crying chicken little, said that without this  we would face an unemployment rate of 12%. And then he said, it might not even work if it is passed (emphasis mine).

But don’t worry — we’ll have digital TV to help us all dull the pain. Among many (MANY) other things, the bill doesn’t forget the little couch potato. It includes $650 million (million!) for the analog-digital tv transition. This will fund coupons for converter boxes (they ran out, you know), and “education” about the transition. Look it up — page 47.

Wouldn’t the American people, and the economy as a whole, be better served if the bill instead required everyone who is unemployed to THROW OUT their televisions? There’s nothing on it worth watching now, anyway.

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