Israel’s Existence

What so offends Hamas and many Palestinians (and Egyptians, Iranians, and others, for that matter) is not that Israel has won wars and expanded her boundaries. It is  the fact that Israel exists. Was pulled out of whole cloth, seemingly (at least, whole cloth to anyone unfamiliar with or dismissive of or just angry about Genesis 15). Sure, conservatives know this, but it seems that many others do not. Are we returning to the debate in 1948, when the state of Israel was created and Truman pushed through recognition by the U.S., much to the dismay of diplomats everywhere?

Can we remind everyone that the current state of Israel is in large part a product of the UN Partition Plan, to which Jewish Israelis agreed, but Arab Palestinians did not? They never wanted to recognize a Jewish Israeli state.

Cliff May has a good article about What Hamas Wants in today’s NRO.  They want nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel, a state whose very existence offends them deeply.

Again, it goes back to a time and circumstances that we cannot control. Hagar, the Bible says, bore contempt for Sarah, the then-barren wife of Abraham, when she, Hagar, bore Abraham’s son Ishmael — the father of current-day Arabs. And, again, according to the Bible (or Torah, if you will), Sarah was the one who encouraged Abraham to sleep with Hagar in the first place. And not to be flip, but it just goes to show that wrong-headed sacrifice like that often produces the opposite of what we intend. The road to hell, we hear, is paved with good intentions. Indeed.


  1. Digital Publius:

    Amen Katy!

    I wrote a very similar article myself.

  2. discerning:

    Very well put. Thanks for sharing these links. I’d like to point out Genesis 17, specifically verse 15-21, where Scripture is very clear that the promise is between Abraham and Sarah, and the descendants of their child, Issac, who was the father of Jacob.

    Muslims claim this the promise was meant for Ishmael, which is not true, but they will not accept this, another reason we have all these problems.

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