Stupidity, Ignorance, and Hatred on Parade

This afternoon, on my way back from looking at this, I saw this:

Palestinian supporters in Chicago

Palestinian supporters in Chicago

and this:

The Israel as new nazi canard. Image taken by E. Voogd

The Israel as Nazi idea is not new, but always a shock when seen again.

Really? Israel is the new nazi? Letting go the poor grammatical structure of that sign, I would seriously like someone to explain this. The same country that CALLS its terrorist targets to let them escape their homes and live is likened to the philosophy that propogated antisemitism and killed millions, MILLIONS of Jews, gypsies, and others in disgusting, methodological fashion?

From this Haaretz article:

The IDF has made frequent use of what is known as “knocking on the roof”: Militants are warned by phone when a residential building used to store arms will be bombed, and told to vacate the premised together with their neighbors. The weapons caches are hit only after the residents leave.

Hamas has tried placing civilians on the roofs of such buildings when the phone call warning comes in. In these cases, the IDF fired antitank missiles near the building, and in a few cases the residents left.

These people, like many protestors before them, desperately want to be noticed. They want to be heard. But active listening is not enough. Not when they are also strapping bombs to children, and encouraging them to be martyrs via television programs.

And just read Charles Krauthammer (well, from yesterday, but you’re probably reading this tomorrow).

This conflict has been going on literally, LITERALLY, since the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael. And it will continue, I fear, as long as there is hatred in the world. That is no reason, however, not to support Israel.

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  1. discerning:

    I just saw a really good movie from 1944 – “None Shall Escape”; these protesters should watch it. It’s in black-and-white, and was made before WW2 had even ended. It’s the story of a German-Polish WW1 veteran who becomes a top Nazi official in the ministry of Eduction. He meets Hitler in the 20s and spends time in prison with him as he writes Mein Kampf. Several years later, once Hitler rises to power, the Nazi officer eventually sends his own family to a concentration/indoctrination camp. He then returns to his Polish village in 1939, and uses the women as prostitutes for the Nazi officers. Israelis do not do this. These protesters need to read history. This was also one of the first movies to show a cold-blooded massacre of a group of Jews.

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