Shrewd move — RB appoints RB

First, Happy New Year! One of my resolutions (though technically I don’t believe in making them. They just set one up for failure and subsequent disappointment) is to post more often on this blog. And then I thought I should just baby-step it and post today.

I make no predictions or prognostications about 2009, except that maybe Blagojevich won’t go to prison, and won’t be impeached.

Why am I so rosy-eyed about a governor who has been taped pretty much breaking the law? Because this is the land of lawbreakers. Hey, at least he’s honest.  “Isn’t politics a pay-to-play game in the first place?”, he seems to be saying. It certainly is in Chicago, Blagojevich’s home town (and may we say, the home town of many of the soon-to-be aides and officials in the Obama WH. Note: I am by NO means saying any of those aides had ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Blagojevich. No one did, really, except maybe Patti B.).

And I’m sure his recitation of Rudyard Kipling pulled at some heart strings. And the Democrat-controlled legislature can’t even get its act together enough to push through legislation changing the current Illinois law so that Blago couldn’t have appointed a successor.

So, shrewdly, he did. And as Rep. Rush has now famously said, there is currently no African American in the Senate. And that is a national crisis. Roland Burris will represent not only half the voters of Illinois, but also all blacks. (Aren’t blacks in the rest of the country annoyed that it’s not even THEIR governor who is appointing the man who will represent their interests?)

So, I agree with Dan Proft, who recently said (mp3 here) that Roland Burris should be seated. It’s the law. Blagojevich has a right to appoint someone, even someone with the same initials as he has — though that person, sadly for Blago, isn’t Blago.  Republicans and other Dems will have a chance in 2010 to change this appointment (and unseat others).

Three cheers for the rule of law. Huzzah. Sigh.

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    Huzzah Indeed!

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