Blago: Beyond Hubris

If you don’t live in Illinois…well…you’ve missed a lot. One governor in prison, another on his way.  It frankly warms the cockles.

He wanted to play pay for play politics. Well, he played. And he will pay. And hopefully more so than Spitzer, who got a slap on the wrist and a column in Slate (though some may argue that IS a prison term…I tend to think it’s not so much).

Is Blagojevich STUPID? That’s the question I heard a lot today. The answer is Yes. Yes he was. He was your typical Chicago machine politician who believed he was above the law (hey, doesn’t he make the law? So what’s the problem, right?), and who never expected to get caught. Not really.

And can you imagine him as HHS Secretary? When Obama wants to push through universal healthcare?? Thank God for Peter Fitzgerald. I haven’t always said that, but… this time…indeed.

update: But of course, Blago’s chances of becoming HHS Secretary were slim at best. Obama hardly knew him. And really didn’t support him AT ALL. (reading that ABC link did make us pause and say “These people are going to run THE COUNTRY.  Wow. And..uh-oh.” )

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