A few more thoughts on the election…

Well, it’s over. Thank God. It had to end one way or another, but it’s over. At last, local channels can finally reclaim their airwaves and run more Luna Carpet commercials instead of those awful political ads. I can’t say I’m happy about it. Pretty darned upset, actually, but now the Dems and libs finally have what they wished for. And we all know how that saying goes. “Be careful what you wish for…” Indeed.

I am still scared about an Obama presidency. Lots will happen, not much of it good. We as a country are certainly in more danger than ever before. With great dread I predict at least one terrorist attack on our soil before 2012. Since I can’t do much else to change our foreign policy, let’s all say a prayer for Israel, who needs more luck than we do at the moment. It may not be around much longer. I fear greatly for my savings and my 401K, now in the clear sights of the Democratic Congress. I fear for the vitality of my business and the financial future of my family. I fear for the personal safety of my home and loved ones.

But, on the upside, now we get to watch the Dems run the country and self-destruct when their Obama-god turns out to be a human after all, and not a great one at that. I for one will be first in line to say “told you so” when the economy continues to tank, gas goes back up, and the financial industry smolders. Somehow, we must control the damage as much as possible by getting some backbone into the GOP left in Congress. How? No idea. I leave that up to smarter, wiser men than I. In the meantime, I seek to take extreme perverse pleasure in watching the liberals drive the Democratic party into the ground. Good luck guys! And have fun! See you in 2012!

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    Thanks, Jill, for sharing this blog address with me. I’m enjoying a lot of reading. Keep up the good work. :)

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