Voting en masse

While in the predicted long line at the poll this morning, I should have been happy to see so many citizens excited to vote (well, as excited as you can get at 6:30AM), and in a way I was. This is the ideal of a democracy — people eager to cast their ballot (even if it means getting good-naturedly bullied by the woman at the door ensuring everyone was in the right line).  I remember how excited Iraqis were when they got the vote. (I also remember that that would not have been possible for them had we not gone in, but anyway.)

And though I was pretty certain that I was the only one in my precinct voting the way I did, it  is always a good day when we can exercise our rights. Would I like it better if people understood the issues, and had reasons other than “change” for their vote? Yes.

But that is less the problem of politics, and more of our cultural zeitgeist opposed to real debate  – it’s so yicky and confrontational and in love with soundbites.  But this is our responsibility as citizens.  And we must consider what we share — a love of country and a desire for justice.  We just have different approaches.

I hope.

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