Apocalypse Eve (not now, please)

Chicagoans are PSYCHED. Well, 95% of Chicagoans and 100% of academics are (obviously).

I spent the last day and a half in Hyde Park (HYDE PARK) listening to one academic after another (who, may it be noted, have NOTHING TO DO professionally with political philosophy or government work, but when does that ever stop anyone), get all glowy and happy and hopeful at the very thought that one of their own could be in charge of the USA.  Maybe even the World.

Why do I torture myself this way? I don’t know … why do I live in Chicago?

But I need to smarten up. Once Obama is elected, everything will be better. Our racial wounds will be healed, energy will be free (hey, wind is free!), and perhaps MOST importantly, the NEH will be funded the way nature intended -  to the same degree as the Defense Department. Someone (a student) actually said this. I am not making this up. Even the NEH guy thought that might be pushing things a bit too far.

One humorless academic from a university in a nearby state (hey these were nice people so I’m not going to name names), was even careful to make sure that all the photos in his presentation featured African Americans, in order to honor what he said he was sure would happen tomorrow. That’s nice. Then I looked around the room and there was not ONE African-American in attendance. That’s what we call…ironic. But everyone smiled and felt sooo good about themselves.

And then it was announced that the school I attend will close at 3 tomorrow, so that faculty and students can be sure to vote and to make it to the rally on time (okay they didn’t say THAT, but talked traffic. Whatever). Other offices are closing early — heck didn’t even Obama say that no one should have to work tomorrow — let it be so.

The port-o-lets are all set up in Grant Park, and the CTA will be running until at least 2AM. Chicago is ready — are you?

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