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First Principles

So Fred Thompson’s latest video pretty much says it all. Watch it if you haven’t already. And pass on!

Fred and First Principles (and why they’re important now)

Wednesday Afternoon Humor

Deja Vu

Not too bad… these debates were indeed rather repetitious.

Welcome to Jill!

Can it be 3 1/2 years ago that Alicia, Lane, Katy, and Jill met at a fundraiser for National Review?

Yes, Yes it can! In that time, lives have changed, sometimes dramatically, but the bonds of good principles never wear thin. And so we happily welcome Jill to Conservative Cabal — another voice of reason in the unreasonable land of Obamamania.

We look forward to hearing more from you, friend!

Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline

ABC News: Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline

Finally, the truth! And from ABC no less.  And although I heard that it was the Obama campaign who said “no, thanks” to ABC’s tardy offer for tomorrow night’s half-hour paid love-fest for Obama, I’m going to give ABC more credit than that. Or maybe not, but good for them to even have the courage to post this article.

The post that’s been building…

Well, it’s about darned time I introduced myself to our little group, and go busy with some blogging! If I don’t, I think Katy’s going to kick me off out of the cabal, and then what do I have to do at night?? So here goes:

1) female
2) conservative
3) meeting planner and contract negotiator
4) somewhere in Illinois
5) married
6) dry, sarcastic humor
7) no, I am not a natural blonde
8) anything but Mexican food

Well, that pretty well covers the basics. And now, onto the post that’s been building inside of me for weeks, and weeks….

Given all the recent conniption fits the MSM has these days (and talk radio too, for that matter) about every word uttered by the candidates at this late election-hour, it’s no wonder the rest of the country doesn’t just plug their ears and start humming loudly to drown out the lunacy. (Cue “Gunsmoke” theme music…) I know that I personally am recently prone to making snide comments at articles on my computer, and occasionally arguing with the radio when a pundit inevitably says something amazingly stupid. It’s just getting too much, so let’s let off a little steam. You know you want to do it – say all those things here that you can’t say to your idiot co-workers or your annoying liberal friends. So c’mon, let it all out! I’ll go first:

  • (traditional) Economics 101: wealth, unlike matter, can be created AND destroyed. It’s not a zero-sum game. There isn’t a magical dollar amount at which point the world’s wealth will cease to increase. Wealth can always be created and multiplied.
  • Given this fact, “redistribution” is sort of like stealing, ya know? It’s not my fault I’ve got more money than you. Maybe you should get off your butt and work for yours just like I work for mine. I own my own business, pal, and I work hard to earn every penny, and frankly, I’ll be damned if some snot-nosed, pointy-headed liberal cue-card-reader is going to stand up there and tell me that I’m too rich. Tell you what, Barry, you want to redistribute the wealth, start with your own pocketbook and then I’ll consider it. Until then, get your girly manicured nails away from my wallet. That’s just creepy.
  • The average person in the world is not rich. In fact, outside of the US, most poor people are really, truly freakin’ poor. (To the liberals – that means, like, totally no MTV or CNN, like not even a TV or a real house. OMG!!) So let’s think about this… if everyone “redistributes” their money so that we’re all even, but the majority of the world is poor, that means that everyone’s wealth actually goes DOWN – the rich will be less rich and the poor won’t be much richer. Now THAT’S a fabulous economic plan, Barry! Give yourself a gold star for that one!
  • Don’t mess with my 401K. Just don’t do it.
  • Obama+terrorists=the best references to get a teaching job in Chicago. I don’t know why liberals go berserk when they hear this referenced. It’s the truth, and aren’t they always screaming something about finding “the truth”s? It’s like looking for a piece of hay in a haystack….
  • I am eternally frustrated that every devout socialist I meet can’t ever really explain to me how socialism works. My eternal thanks to the fabulous public school system for this one.
  • I am also eternally frustrated that every devout liberal I meet tends to spout party lines faster than Joe Biden can get hairplugs, but can’t ever explain their points without using the words “Hilter”, “racism”, “fair”, and “change”. Again, my thanks to the public school system for the in-depth education of logical reasoning.
  • I like Israel. I like the Israeli people. Of the ones I’ve met, none of them have ever threatened to kill me or wipe my religion or country off the map. I that’s a great cultural element of their society. Promote multiculturalism!
  • I’d like to burn effigies of Obama and chat lewd, vulgar comments about Joe Biden at rallies. Can someone please give me a schedule for the conservative rallies that will be featuring these activities?
  • Disagreeing with you isn’t racist. I suggest you go back to kindergarten (preferably not a public school kindergarten) and learn to deal with conflict appropriately. Name-calling only wins you an argument if you can back it up by stealing my chocolate milk at lunch time and pushing me off the swings. Go ahead, try it. I dare you.
  • Sadly, no, celebrities STILL haven’t said anything useful or coherent recently. Not only do the movies suck these days, but they’re not even giving me any worthy blogging material. Where is Tom Cruise and the Mothership when you need them???

Ok, now, your turn! :)

Obama’s previous election

Who is surprised the Chicago Tribune endorsed Barack Obama? Umm, no one.

Was it just four short years ago that Barack Obama came to the national stage, wet behind the ears, after being handed the U.S. Senate seat on a silver platter by the Illinois GOP, with help from the Chicago Tribune and other media? Yes. Yes it was.

And how did that happen? People who don’t live in Illinois (or Chicago, really) probably didn’t pay much attention to this sad story, but I think it bears repeating. Know your history, they say.

In 2004, the Illinois GOP was in a bit of a pickle. A mess, actually.  A former governor, George Ryan, was facing corruption charges (and later was found guilty and sent to prison), the party held no state-wide offices except for Treasurer, and the state party’s central committee refused (and still refuses) to allow “rank-and-file” members to vote for members of the central committee. Intra-party feuding was and is common — often due to conflicting beliefs about principles (conservative vs. moderate), and power.

Incumbent Senator Peter Fitzgerald – R, who only served one  term,  would be given no support for a reelection that year (too conservative? I never really figured out the real reason),. Judy Baar Topinka, then State Treasurer, was the most powerful Republican in the state.

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Pick a poll

So things are looking perhaps a little more positive for M-P, even as the Dow continues to plunge, plunge, plunge. But we don’t want to assume naive optimism.

AP presidential poll: Race tightens in final weeks

Meanwhile, the IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll shows a shrinking of Obama’s lead to 3.7 points. That IBD poll is fascinating in the breakdown. So 44% of those making above $75K are for Obama. Well, those union jobs do pay well these days — if you still have one, that is. I myself am most emphatically not in that income level (note to self: get new unionized job that will drag company down eventually, but pay me well until then). Though if or when I make it there, I’ll prefer to do my charity in private, not strong-armed by the government, thank you.

ANYway, we should note that prior (and even current) polls that have Obama ahead by 7-10 points may be fatally flawed in that their sample is simply too heavily Democrat.

Of course, polls is polls. And true, early voting has gone to Obama, but doesn’t early voting usually go Dem? Regardless, I have a feeling Nov. 4 will be an interesting evening indeed. I will be perhaps secured by Chicago PD and Secret Service in my perch overlooking Obama-palooza.

Though I really cannot fathom the rage of the left should Obama lose. This is of course not saying I want Obama to win. But if we think we saw angry when Bush won in 2000… Katy bar the door (and no, not this Katy! I’m simply not strong enough to withstand the fury and screeching madness that would then descend.)

The Funniest Fifteen Minutes at the Al Smith Dinner

Dashing off to my glamorous life in the big city, BUT if you haven’t seen this, you should. I watched it on Thursday night, and thought it was rather hilarious. McCain was great. Obama was even slightly funny at times, though I think it’s obvious he didn’t feel completely at home with humor, which one can interpret many ways. But fun to watch.  And somehow very refreshing.

Here is a nice round-up of video and images at Chrisy’s Web Log!

Joe the Plumber, $250K, and the tax cut for 95%

Definitely a strong point for McCain last night were his (many) references to  Joe the Plumber, and the fact that Obama’s solution is to “spread the wealth around”. Of course, the left is going after poor Joe. “He’s not even licensed! He’s a Republican! He wants to make a lot of money!”

This brings up a salient difference. How much is too much? Who will get to spread the wealth, if wealth needs to be spread? The answers to these questions highlight the difference between a socialist and a free-market thinker.  And if you want to blame the free market for the recent “economic crisis”, go ahead, but please note that it’s the response of the free market to government regulations, starting with the Community Reinvestment  Act of 1977 (which, by the way, was a creature of ACORN — that bastion of helpfulness to illegal and probably dead voters everywhere).

McCain is not a great debater, that is for sure, BUT we are not electing a debater, but a decider!

I do wish, however, that he would have mentioned and elaborated more on the fact that Obama’s tax plan will most emphatically NOT be a tax cut for 95% of Americans.  The Wall Street Journal’s “Obama’s 95% Illusion” details it rather nicely. When a third of Americans pay no tax whatsoever, it’s really a handout to them. But this fits in well with his desire to  spread the wealth around.

Pretty soon, will there be wealth to spread?