Amazing impenetrability

Some people’s minds are impenetrable to the obvious. Case in point. Edward, the doctor and Obama supporter:

Edward, 35, who declined to give his last name for fear it would damage his medical practice, said Obama and Palin are historic figures. But he also believed that Palin was a phenomenon destined to fade.

“The more she’s exposed, the less she’ll shine,” said Edward, who vowed that if McCain and Palin won, he and his friends would move to Canada.

“A lot of people left after 2004,” he said. If McCain and Palin win, “we’re all leaving.”

that’s from the Post. Describing an Obama march that drew less than 500 people. And they were all talking about Palin.

I don’t even know where to begin. Edward, the doctor , will be moving to Canada where he can trade in his private practice for the life of a government functionary in the DMV hospital system of Ontario. uh-huh.

Because Palin is “destined to fade”.  Edward is convinced Obama can’t lose, so convinced that he won’t give his name for fear that his patients will desert him.  Wait, walk with me here, Ed.  Can I call you Ed?

If everyone is going to be voting for Obama, as you expect, then why would you need to hide your identity from your patients?  Aren’t they voting for Obama?  Isn’t everyone voting for the One?  Even if your patients are some of the evil few who have not been enlightened, aren’t there plenty of minions who would fill the void in your waiting room?

Ed confuses me.  But then, they all do.

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  1. Katy:

    Well, he can certainly help out the doctor shortage Canada is experiencing.

    I have heard the move-to-Canada trope (and tripe (2nd definition :) ) on the train, on Facebook…EVERYWHERE. I can’t wait. Let all the misguided but well-meaning souls move there. And hey, then they can REALLY have change.

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