Home run for Pioneer VP!

In not only a well-delivered, but principled and inspiring speech, Sarah Palin proved that she carries all the necessary qualities of a Vice President.

  1. She respects her running mate. His honor, his desire for reform, his service to the US. For crying out loud, we, who actually didn’t like McCain at all during the primaries, felt our hearts start to swell with pride (this doesn’t mean we agree with him on immigration or certain votes that he cast over the last 6 years, but friends, as McCain would say, look at the alternative).
  2. She has principles . In Palin’s case, strong principles toward reform and freedom
  3. She has action. As she rightly noted, she as mayor has actually done things, while Obama as community organizer (and Rudy had perhaps the best line of the night about that — “What??”), has done next to nothing. He has not one meaningful piece of legislation to his name. NOT ONE. And he is running for President.
  4. She can deliver a speech well. Yes, she had help from excellent speechwriter Matt Scully. More power to her. But it was clearly still her speech. She spoke to the nation, not at the nation. Point scored.

This was not ony a first-inning home run, as Nina Easton said tonight, it was maybe a homerun with two men on base. In the second.

I think it was Peggy Noonan who today in her column who said that Sarah Palin would be a different kind of woman politican. She wouldn’t be a slightly curmudgeonly older woman, like Maragaret Thatcher (who we still love!), or a woman brought into politics because a father or husband or brother was in it, but a pioneer woman, straight of the American West. The one who had to keep the homestead safe from attack by bears or criminals or others when the usual protector (yes, usually a man) was away. She could shoot when necessary. She understood what was worth fighting for.

And by the way, here’s Noonan’s response to the off-mic comment she got caught making on Wednesday before Palin’s speech.

And real fast, I note that some friends of mine are quick to jump on that fun “I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin” wagon. It makes me … amused. I smile. Okay, maybe you do, if by foreign policy we mean getting a passport stamp and little or no thought given to things, like, umm, policy. What else do you have? Executive experience? Passion for reform? Compassion? A love of the U.S.A.?  A running mate (who, by the way, is running for the top job) who has far, far more foreign policy experience than anyone else currently running, and who has a mother who is 96 years old and in seemingly robust health? Well then, let’s vet you.

I’m with the convention-goers who carried the hand-made ‘Palin Power’ signs. Let’s go!

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