Things that are making me angry

Well, the easy way to get angry is to read the Jersusalem Post. Let’s see, here you can learn that that “lone gunman” bulldozer driver was a “convicted rapist, burglar and drug dealer” who had “‘returned’ to Islam” and yet was driving a bulldozer in Jerusalem.

Or you can read about the “prisoner swap” with Hezbullah where Israel freed six terrorists in exchange for two bodies.

And there’s Obama. Today he’s promising to rid the world of nukes. He means our nukes. See, if we get rid of our nukes, it will show the good people of Iran and North Korea that we’re really nice guys, that we empathize with their plight.

When do we get to say the emperor has no clothes? He blamed the 9/11 attacks on our lack of empathy and the poverty and hopelessness of the millionaire’s sons who flew those planes. He was dead wrong about the surge in Iraq and he was wrong about the need for Arabic interpreters in Pashtun speaking Afghanistan. He’s really just not that informed. Which isn’t surprising since he spent his formative years, politically speaking, in the RACE IS EVERYTHING hot bead of Reverend Wright’s political machine/church.

If Bush talked about arabic in Afghanistan it would be news and comedy fodder for a week, anybody see it mentioned anywhere except the evil right-wing blogosphere?

And now “nuclear disarmament”. It’s like he’s a pretentious, egomaniacal Jimmy Carter.

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