Tony Snow, RIP – Tony Snow, Former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Anchor, Dies at 53

We are all very saddened to hear the news that Tony Snow has passed away. He was quite possibly the best press secretary in many years. Certainly, the best press secretary Bush ever had.

And as many noted in the Sunday morning talk shows, and as Bill Kristol noted in the New York Times, he had optimism — optimism about America, and faith-grounded (as Kristol and President Bush have noted) optimism in the face of his illness. He was a good talk show host and an excellent press secretary  (particularly obvious since McClellan’s book has come out) in large part because he acted out his faith. He had his principles and his beliefs, but he could listen, and he gave grace.   A model to emulate.

I find it sad that the coverage of Tim Russert’s sudden passing (which was indeed startling and sad) seems to have generated more digital ink than Tony Snow’s. I had been hibernating from the news for the last week, but somehow I still knew about the cover of the New Yorker, and the White House discussion of a pull-out from Iraq (on which more later), but heard only by the merest chance of Tony Snow’s death.

But no doubt Tony Snow himself would not have minded.  May God bless his family. RIP.

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