McCain’s health care plan a threat to employer plans?

McCain’s healthcare plan a threat to employer plans?

Umm…I sorta hope so.

There’s a great unknown about Sen. John McCain’s health plan: How many employers would drop insurance coverage for their workers because of his tax policies?

Of course, would this mean there would be more money in the payroll? Yes, a LOT more money, and then hey, maybe we could, like, privatize the healthcare market a little and introduce some direct payment and uncover hidden costs. Let’s just let taxpayers have the same tax breaks companies get now, and see what happens.

Do some (maybe most) peopleĀ  like that there is a middle man in the form of their employer? Probably many do, but then I think they should have to pay more for that convenience. And perhaps eventually there wouldn’t be such a need for convenience if free markets drove efficiency reforms in the healthcare marketplace.

We’re dreamers here!

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