The War and the Election

apropos of Katy’s post here, I point the reader to Kendall’s Richard the Third and Josephine Tey’s Daughter of Time .  Both books hold that Richard III, the infamous Crouchback, murderer of the Princes in the Tower, was not only innocent of that crime, but probably not in any way deformed or crippled.  Rumour, innuendo and slander grew and were manipulated to the point where they could be used to excuse the Tudor usurpers who were more likely the murderers.  Once this was discovered, and it has been discovered again and again throughout history, it made no difference.  The Narrative was set, Richard III was the bad guy and the truthiness was more important than the truth.

For a more recent example, please see The Al-Dura Affair.

So the question becomes, is the narrative sufficiently determined in favor of the Left that it can only be used to their benefit?

If we all believe the war is lost, or rather cannot be won, then the Left will beat McCain and Bush about the head with it until the cows come home.  However, if victory continues to become more and more clear, more and more certain, then the Left’s vehement opposition to the war will be down the memory hole and we’ll have to focus on more important things like the economy and, “why hasn’t Bush done anything about Iran?” and so on and so forth.

Are we winning in Iraq?  I think that we are, and that does not mean that there won’t be losses and challenges ahead.  During the fall of ’44, the Germans had lost, it was obvious to all observers, it was only a matter of time and what the terms of her surrender would be.  That did not stop them from launching The Ardennes Offensive which resulted in more than 19,000 American dead.

Certainly Sadr and his Iranian leash-holders will launch an offensive of their own to coincide with either the Iraqi or the American elections.  And al-Queda can be trusted to do the same thing.

But that will not change the facts on the ground; the Iraqi Army is standing up, the Iraqi people are standing up, and together we are defeating the terrorists in Iraq.

It is imperative that the President and John McCain make this point to the American people, we are winning though the road ahead is long.  Pin Obama down on his cut-and-run policy.  He won’t stick to it and that will alienate his most ardent supporters, the radical leftists of the Anti-War movement and groups like International Answer and Acorn.  It would be nice if they could do it before the Democratic Convention so the Kos Kids will be all riled up.

But Bush and McCain have to get the victory narrative out there.  As the situation in Iraq has improved (and it has disappeared from the news), Bush has not seen a similar rise in his approval numbers.  The media won’t cover it, so it is imperative that Bush use the Bully Pulpit he has studiously avoided for the last 8 years to finally take his message to the people.  And McCain should be right there with him.

The media corps is trying desperately to make Bush the Crouchback for the 21st Century, he must fight more ably than his predecessor, or he might share his fate.

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