Why Obama?

I mean, IIRC, we were supposed to vote for Obama because he wasn’t like the other politicians, Right?  He wasn’t slick like Clinton, or dumb like W, or another “politics as usual” candidate like the rest of the field.  Obama was supposed to be smart and clean and pure.  Hope Change.
Of course, he was so smart he told AIPAC he wanted Jerusalem to be the eternal, undivided capital of Israel and then said he didn’t know that “undivided” was a “code word” in the Middle East.  So either he’s incredibly stupid, or he was pandering then like any other politician, and he’s lying now.

He spent ten years cultivating relationships in a radical, racist church in Chicago, then said he knew nothing about the racists and the radicals.  Again, either he’s stupid, or he’s just another politician, playing a game to get votes and hoping we’re stupid enough to believe his lies.

He’s inexperienced, and the experience he does have shows him to be the most liberal senator in Washington.  And that’s after dodging hundreds of votes to make his record as feeble as possible.

So, why again should anyone be voting for him?

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