War on terror an issue in ’08?

Will the war on terror be an issue in this campaign? Should it be? Naturally, the Obama camp hopes it won’t be, since his lack of foreign policy experience could be particularly damaging to him.

Of course, the war is sooo 2002, after all. And we’re tired of it and let’s get out. Even the anti-war protest this spring was paltry. The surge is working and we don’t hear about it. Let’s just be nice and give full habeus corpus rights to people we’ve locked up for “no reason at all” in Cuba.

But let’s just remember that September 11, 2001 did in fact happen (watch Fitna if you haven’t already. But don’t watch on a quesy stomach or in the office because you may in fact cry). The bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 did happen. The 1993 WTC bombing did happen. These were attacks by foreign agents on U.S. territory.

What’s Obama’s plan? Oh, it’s one we’ve heard before. Prosecute the terrorists. As he said recently in an interview with ABC, we should crack down on terrorists “within the constraints of the Constitution.” Really? Should the laws of the U.S. apply to those non-U.S.-citizens whose aim is the destruction of the Constitution and all it stands for? There would seem to be a very obvious answer to this, and it is no.

Obviously national sovereignty is not as robust as it once was (we in the West fear nationalism more than anything. Nationalism can lead to fascism, after all). But we must ask ourselves, is our nation so bad that we should stand by and watch its slow death, and quicken it by electing a man for President who supports this national suicide?

The war — who cares anymore? What’s the point? Al-Qaeda will never win anyway, we say. It will just go away if we don’t talk about it. Right.

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